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Keep Your Plastics Safe in Hot Weather

Keep Your Plastics Safe in Hot Weather

This is a reminder that your plastic products will melt and deform with extreme heat and intense sun exposure. 

Most of our plastic products are made in a process called thermoforming where a plastic sheet is heated to a certain temperature and then drawn into a mold by a vacuum.  The plastic is allowed to cool, the edges trimmed, and the product is born.  

The property that allows thermoplastics to be easily formed in this process also makes them susceptible to destruction by extreme heat.  Under intense sun and high ambient temperatures, thermoplastics will begin to soften up and "remember" their old form as a sheet.  This can lead to bending, warping, and shrinking of the product.  

A black plastic product left in the midday sun will easily reach 120F or more within minutes.  This is typically only an issue in greenhouses and high tunnels during all times of the year (hot delivery vehicles and packages left near heaters are also culprits).  But with the intense sun and ambient temperatures rising above 90F, conditions outside are reaching the perfect combination for deformed plastic.  

You can help protect your plastic items by moving them to a partially shaded area that does not receive direct sun exposure during the peak hours of the day.  Make sure high tunnels and greenhouses are well-shaded and ventilated.  This will reduce the ability of the sun to heat the plastic.  Most plants will also benefit from this as well.  If it's too hot in the full sun for you, it's probably too hot for your plants and plastic products too.  

Make sure you take a look at our "Use and Care Guide" included with your package that includes suggestions to help prolong the life of your products, including keeping plastics away from extreme heat.  

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