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CowPots Packs - 6 Cell Packs - 300 Cells (50 Packs) per Case (Full Case)


$ 69.95


Please Note: This product is shipped directly from the manufacturer and is expected to ship within 1-3 business days from the time of order. 

Uses: The #3 Six Cell is a self supporting style pot, the most compact seeding option for confined space. Scored for improved ease of separating cells at time of planting.

Great for use as a mixed garden seeding (lettuces, peppers, eggplants) or ‘salsa’ pack (tomato, hot pepper, cilantro) in one tray. Veggies with a quick turn around prior to transplanting like cucumbers, squash and pumpkins work very well in this style CowPot. Also well suited for marigolds and other spring flowering annuals.

Shelf life: Once planted, the #3 Six Cell stays intact for up to 2 months in a greenhouse setting.

If not planted and kept in a cool dry location, shelf life is indefinite (a dry location is critical).

Dimensions (Approximate)

Height 3"
Outside Width 6"
Outside Length 9.25"
Cell Width (top) 3"
Cell Depth 3"


What are CowPots? 

CowPots are biodegradable pots made of composted cow manure.  They use nutrient rich, composted manure from a 300 cow dairy herd to make CowPots. The cows eat a mixed ration of forages that are grown on 600 acres of cropland - grass and corn as well as a supplement of grain to balance their diet. The manure is collected from the barn every day, passes through a methane digester where they collect methane to burn as a biogas. The solids are then separated from the liquids (liquids are stored in a lagoon until they can be applied to their cropland as fertilizer). The solids are then composted and finally brought to the CowPots factory where it is formed into CowPots.

Are CowPots Biodegradable?

CowPots are the 100% biodegradable pot. CowPots have been designed to last several months in a greenhouse or outdoor setting. Once planted in the ground, they quickly begin to break down. When transplanting your plant growing in a CowPot; leave the entire pot intact, do not crush or tear and cover completely with soil. The roots are able to grow through the pot wall with no restriction and the pot will decompose in the same growing season. Larger CowPots that you do not intend to plant in the ground can be tossed into a compost pile at the end of the growing season. What makes CowPots a better garden pot is that they will break down in the ground or in the compost.  

What's the difference between CowPots and peat pots?

While both CowPots and peat pots appear similar, they are very different pots! There are a lot of benefits to growing in CowPots. Peat is mined from peat bogs which can take 100 years to regenerate. The manure used to make CowPots is completely renewable, the cows are making more of it every day! CowPots are a more sustainable option because the manure is renewable and recycled (they first use it to capture methane in our methane digester to use as a biogas on the farm). CowPots break down faster than peat pots once planted, and have demonstrated superior root penetration to other biodegradable pots in research trials like the one done by Mississippi Agricultural Forestry and Experiment Station.