Second Sun Garden Supply

New Name, Same Great Service

You may have noticed our name change if you've visited our website or social media lately.  As we've grown tremendously throughout the last two years, we've also outgrown our original name.  We originally thought we'd be in the hydroponics business, but our garden and farm products took off.  During those first two years, we felt changing our name might be too confusing, so we left it the same.  

Now that we've established a great customer following that relies on us for their garden product needs, we felt it was time to change our name to better represent what we do and what we sell.  However, we wanted to keep it familiar, which meant keeping Second Sun and replacing "Hydroponics" with "Garden Supply".  

Over the next few months we'll continue to add more products that fit our mission of delivering quality garden products, which starts soon with a greater selection of microgreens seeds.  We'll also be releasing our 2018 catalog in a few months that will feature our new name and all the new products we added over the past year.  

We're still the same two person team that's been here since the beginning, and we look forward to serving your farm, garden, nursery, and greenhouse needs for years to come.  As a bonus, it's now going to be that much easier to explain to your friends and family exactly where you got that pot.  

Happy Gardening, Friends!

Aubrey Hanford, Owner

Second Sun Garden Supply