Second Sun Garden Supply

10" Shuttle Premium Hanging Basket (Terracotta) (Clearance)

East Jordan Plastics

$ 1.99 

Hanging baskets add charm to any environment including patios, porches, pool decks, and more.  Hang them from posts, hooks, or railings.  Made from durable plastic, these hanging baskets can be expected to last a few seasons with proper care.  They can also be used without hangers as planters. 

Rough, matte finish.  Rim slotted for hanging tag. 

Matching color hangers included.  Choose from 15" or 18" hangers.  Plastic hangers clip over rim for easy removal, or clip into slots for a secure, permanent fit. 

Made in USA.  Recyclable. Model: SHB1000PRM


Outer Dimension Top 10 "
Height 6.61 "


Max Dry Cu. Inches 347.8
Max Liquid US 1.51 gal
Max Liquid Metric 5.7 l