Second Sun Garden Supply

1020 Trays & Humidity Dome Kits

TO Plastics

$ 3.96 

A combination of our top quality 1020 trays and tough humidity domes that will allow you to create a mini greenhouse environment wherever you want to start seeds, microgreens, or wheatgrass.  The trays and domes are also compatible with all of our seed starting inserts.

The number selected indicates both the number of trays and domes.  So "5" would be 5 trays and 5 domes in the kit.

Please note: Domes do not do a great job of covering plug trays

More notes on other compatible products:  You can put 18 of our 4" Press Fit Pots in each of these trays.  Compatible with 38 cell, 50 cell, and 72 cell plug sheets.  Not compatible with 98 cell plug sheets

Trays made with recycled polystyrene.  Domes made with virgin PET.