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1020 Trays - Ultraweight (No Holes)

East Jordan Plastics

$ 1.55 $ 1.99

These Extra heavyweight standard size 1020 trays WITHOUT Holes are what professional growers use in the greenhouse. Use them with insert sheets to raise plants just like at the garden center.  Water channels help distribute moisture evenly. 

Constructed of thermoformed UV-resistant plastic. Perfect for seed starting, microgreens, and wheatgrass. Compatible with our insert trays and humidity domes (domes have some play, but this allows for better ventilation).

  • Professional quality
  • Perfect for seed starting
  • Made in the USA!
  • Made with recycled polystyrene.

Measures approximately 21.25" long by 11" wide by 2.375" deep. 

Notes on other compatible products:  You can put 18 of our 4" Press Fit Pots in each of these trays.  Compatible with the Sure Roots 50 Cell Deep and 72 Star plug trays only.  Other size plug trays will not fit well. Compatible with 38 cell, 50 cell, and 72 cell plug sheets.  Not compatible with 98 cell plug sheets.  Also compatible with our TF 1010 Flats.  Fit 2 side by side inside these trays.  

Please use two hands when lifting to extend the life of your trays.  Do not slide on rough surfaces. 

Compare to McConkey, Mondi, and more, and you'll find ours are the best.