Second Sun Garden Supply

1020 Ultraweight Shallow Germination Trays (No Holes)

East Jordan Plastics

$ 2.52 

Our new ultraweight shallow germination trays are sure to please!  These trays are the thickest item we offer.  Each tray weighs almost half a pound.  Germ trays are perfect for microgreens.  Use them germinate seeds in rockwool cubes, Oasis cubes, perlite, vermiculite, or coir.  Lay down a light layer of seeds and grow microgreens or wheatgrass.  Water channels help distribute moisture evenly.  Create a mini greenhouse with our humidity domes

Constructed of thermoformed UV-resistant plastic, these trays will last many seasons if treated with care. Perfect for seed starting, wheatgrass, and microgreens. Compatible with our humidity domes.

  • Professional quality
  • Perfect for seed starting
  • Reuse again and again
  • Made in the USA!
  • Made with recycled polystyrene.


Height 1 1/2"
Outside Width 11 "
Outside Length 21 1/4 "


Please use two hands on the long sides when lifting to extend the life of your trays.  Do not slide on rough surfaces. 

Compare us to Johnny's Selected Seeds.  Our trays are much thicker and less expensive!