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12" Shuttle Patio Planter (Terracotta) (SPP1200) (Clearance)

East Jordan Plastics

$ 2.49 

Shuttle Planters are a great addition to any yard, patio, deck, or balcony.  Classic lines with a rough matte finish accents any landscape.   Try them with flowers, strawberries, vegetable plants, and herbs. 

Rim is slotted for hanging a tag to identify the plants inside if desired. 

Proudly made in USA with recycled plastic.  Recyclable. Model: SPP1200


Outer Dimension Top 12 "
Height 9.25 "


Max Dry Cu. Inches 610.2
Max Liquid US 2.65 gal
Max Liquid Metric 10 l

Other Information

Material Recycled Polypropylene