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2 5/8" Square Shuttle Pot® (Black)

East Jordan Plastics

$ 0.19 

Shuttle Pot® squares are a lightweight pot perfect for deep rooted plants like tomatoes and peppers.  Thin plastic walls are flexible for easy plant removal.  Wide base provides stability and functionality.  Designed for the Shuttle Pot® Square PCSS265 carry trays only, however this will fit loosely in our old 3" Press Fit Trays.  Made in the USA.  Recyclable. SS265

Replaces the old 3" Inch Deep Press Fit pots.  These are not as thick as the former 3" deep, but they are less brittle, and significantly less expensive. 


Outer Dimension Top 2.625 "
Height 3.5 "


Max Dry Cu. Inches 13.7
Max Liquid US 7.58 fl oz
Max Liquid Metric 224.5 ml
Other Information
Material Type Recycled Polystyrene