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2.5" Inch Square Deep Press Fit Pots (Yellow)

TO Plastics

$ 0.32 

These pots are a great choice for starting deep rooted plants like tomatoes, cuttings, and other small plants.  The pots are tall and deep so that roots can dive down to the bottom.  Bi-level drain holes help prevent water logging.  Fit in our 2.5" press fit trays for easy carrying.  Dimensions listed below.  700008C


Outer Top Dimension 2 3/5 "
Outer Bottom Dimension 1 3/5 "
Height 3 1/2 "


Max Dry Cu. Inches 14.46
Max Liquid US 7.84 fl oz
Max Liquid Metric 232.00 ml

Other Specifications

Material Type Polystyrene