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3.5" Square Deep Root Training Pot (SVD-355)

TO Plastics

$ 0.30 

A new addition to our catalog, the SVD-355 is designed to drive your roots down and profits up.  Deeply grooved sides help keep roots headed down instead of circling around the pot, and the increased depth is perfect for plants like tomatoes.  Less circling means faster transplant growth.  This may be your new favorite garden pot.


Outer Dimension Top 3 1/2 "
Outer Dimension Bottom 2 9/16 "
Height 5 1/8 "


Max Dry Cu. Inches 42.45
Max Liquid US 1.5 pt
Max Liquid Metric 712.00 ml
Other Specifications
Material Recycled Polystyrene


Treat with care and they can be expected to last for many seasons.

These pots will fit loosely into our press fit trays for 4 inch pots.