Second Sun Garden Supply

3 Inch Square Jiffy-Pots®


$ 0.29 

Jiffy Peat Pots are a great choice for transplanting vegetables, flowers, and herbs.  OMRI-Listed and approved for organic gardening, these pots are made with peat moss fibers and are 100% natural and biodegradable.  Fill with your favorite potting mix and then transplant the whole container right into the garden when you're ready.  Your plant with grow faster and healthier since you aren't disturbing the roots during transplant. 

The pots will fit in our 4" Press Fit Carry Trays.  It is not a tight fit like our press fit pots. 


Outer Dimension Top 3 1/8 "
Outside Dimension Bottom 2 "
Height 3 1/8 "

Other Specifications

Material Type Peat Moss Fibers