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4.5 Inch Deep Square Press Fit Flower Pots (Terracotta)

TO Plastics

$ 0.40 
These deep pots are great for raising transplants or houseplants. The deep pot holds a lot of soil, and the drain holes in the bottom make sure your plants don't become waterlogged.  Attractive color draws attention. 



Outer Dimension 4 1/8 "
Inside Dimension 4 "
Height 5 "


Max Dry Cu. Inches 69.57
Max Liquid US 1.20 qt
Max Liquid Metric 1.14 L

These pots will fit into our 4.5" standard press fit trays.  A 4.5" press fit pot tray will hold 15 of these pots.

Proudly made in the USA of recycled plastic!