Second Sun Garden Supply

4.5 Inch Round Plastic Flower Pots (Hot Pink Color)

HC Company

$ 0.39 

This 4.5" round flower pot is short and squat, which is great for house plants including cactus and ferns.  Use it to start squash and melons for the garden too. There are bi-level drain holes in the bottom to prevent water from becoming locked into the pot.

This container is durable, reusable and made in the USA. It also has a notch in the rim for a plant tag so that you can easily mark your plants without having to stick the tag in the soil.

Pot is 4.5" across at the rim, and 3.75" deep.  Holds 36.38 dry cubic inches of soil.  Liquid volume of 1.26 pints.

Entire pot is a neon hot pink color.  Please note that some pots show banding or swirls.  This is normal and does not affect the quality of the pot.