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9 Inch Round Plastic Flower Pots (Terracotta Color) Mum Pans

East Jordan Plastics

$ 0.62 

Want an economical pot to grow larger plants that is lightweight and won't break the bank?  Then these mum pans are what you're looking for.  Designed for mums, these pots work well with most bedding plants, herbs, houseplants, and vegetable plants.  Thick rim and bottom complement thin walls that are well supported when soil is added. 


Outer Dimension 9 "
Inside Dimension 8 3/4 "
Height 6 1/4 "


Max Dry Cu. Inches 277.66
Max Liquid US 1.20 gal
Max Liquid Metric 4.55 L


Made in the USA of recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable where facilities exist.