Second Sun Garden Supply

98 Cell Plug Sheet

TO Plastics

$ 1.64 

These plug sheets are great for starting seeds and raising transplants for your garden and are widely used in greenhouse and nursery applications.  Also known as a propagation sheet. 

Cell size is ideal for tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, squash, flowers, cuttings, etc.  Flexible walls allow for easy removal of plants.  Each cell has drain holes in the bottom.  Designed for use with shallow 1020 germ trays. 


Height 1.5 "
Outside Width Inches 10.3125 "
Outside Length Inches 20 3/4 "


Max Dry Cu. Inches 1.65
Max Liquid US 0.91 fl oz
Max Liquid Metric 27 mL

Other Specifications

Cell Depth 1.5 "
Cell Width (Top) 1.34 "
Cell Configuration 7 x14


These sheets are for use with Shallow Germ Trays for easy carrying and transport.  Not recommended to be used on their own without support. 

Made in the USA of recycled polystyrene.  725610C