Second Sun Garden Supply

1010 AF Half Flat Trays (WITH Holes)

East Jordan Plastics

$ 0.89 

These AF Half Flat trays WITH holes can be used to germinate seeds in rockwool cubes, Oasis cubes, perlite, vermiculite, or coir.  Lay down a light layer of seeds and grow microgreens or wheatgrass.  Water channels help distribute moisture evenly. 

Please note: Two of these will not fit in our standard 1020 trays or our shallow germination trays.  They're just a hair too big.  Use the TF size instead.  

  • Perfect for seed starting in smaller spaces
  • Made in the USA!
  • Made with recycled polystyrene.


Height 2 1/2"
Outside Width 10 7/8 "
Outside Length 10 7/8 "


Please use two hands when lifting to extend the life of your trays.  Do not slide on rough surfaces.