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Black Oil Sunflower Microgreens Seed

Second Sun Hydroponics

$ 5.99 

Shoots have a warm, nutty flavor.  Try with salads, stir frys, and paninis.  Knock shoots with pencil to remove hulls after germination.  7-14 days to harvest at 3-4".  Do not let progress beyond cotyledons, or the flavor will change. 

Microgreens are an easy way to grow fresh greens all winter long.  Packed with flavor and nutrition.  Seeding methods vary, but we strongly recommend bottom heat for maximum germination.  Using a germination tray or one of our microgreens kits, lay down a thin layer of soil or a seeding mat.  Cover with seed.  If using soil, add a layer of perlite on top to facilitate germination.  Cover with humidity dome or tray until 1" tall, then uncover.  Help control excess humidity to avoid mold by using a fan or other device to keep air moving.