Second Sun Garden Supply

Coir Grow Bags


$ 3.97 

These coir or cocopeat grow bags are the best thing to happen to gardening in years!  Just add water and watch them grow into growing bags full of natural coconut husk soil called "coir".  This amazing material is the husk of the coconut and is perfect for growing huge, healthy plants.  Unlike peat moss, it cannot be overwatered, and it provides a light, airy space for roots to thrive. 

Fully expanded, these grow bags are about 8" in all dimensions.  Use them for almost any type of plant you like.  Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, melons, strawberries, etc. 

Each bag is made from UV protected plastic and has an expected life of three years.  Use the bag each season until the coir starts to break down.  Then you can add it to your garden soil for extra organic matter! 

Coir protects the environment and is an extremely renewable resource. 

To grow in the coir bags, place the bag in a bucket with water and let it absorb the water overnight.  The coir will expand about 3-5 times in size, so add plenty of water.  When the coir is completely expanded, add your plants and fertilize regularly with your choice of hydroponic nutrients or organic fertilizers.  Coir tends to absorb excess calcium, so be sure to use a calcium supplement like calcium nitrate, cal-mag, or bonemeal.