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T5 High Output Grow Light - 4 Foot 8 Lamp

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Our grow lights are finally here!  T5 High Output Grow Lights are great for starting seedlings, growing houseplants, or starting your own indoor farm.  These industrial grade lights are Made in the USA. 

*Please select FedEx Home Delivery at checkout.  There may be cheaper options, but FedEx has us covered if there is damage in transit.  They also do a great job delivering our most fragile items (and this is one of them!)*

  • 40,000 Initial Lumens Output
  • 8 Lamp is 48" Long by 16" Wide by 3" Tall
  • Efficient Power Consumption of Only 432 Watts
  • Precision Formed .040 Aluminum Enclosure
  • 95% Enhanced Aluminum, Roll Formed Reflectors Standard
  • High Gloss Polyester White Paint
  • Riveted Construction
  • Side Mount Access Plate
  • Vented Ballast Channel
  • -20 F Cold Start Ballast
  • V-Clips for Chain Hanging
  • 6 Foot Cord with 120V Grounded Wall Plug
  • Universal Voltage Ballast (5 Year Warranty)

Includes your choice of Phillips EIKO lamps, either 3,000K or 6,500K.

3,000K lamps are best for inducing flowering in plants. 

6,500K lamps are best for vegetative growth, including seedlings and houseplants. 

Please use caution, these fixtures have sharp edges!  Lights may arrive with some cosmetic scratches, this is completely normal.