Second Sun Garden Supply

Microgreens or Wheatgrass Starter Kit (801 Inserts) (Black or White)

TO Plastics

$ 10.15 

Use this kit to grow microgreens and wheatgrass at home.  Choose from standard black or clean white colors.  All you have to do is provide the growing media and seeds of your choice.  The kit includes 2 humidity domes, 2 1020 trays with solid bottoms, and 2 sheets of 801 inserts for 16 unique growing spaces.

The clear dome and solid bottom 1020 tray create a mini greenhouse environment to get your seedlings started.  The humidity will help them germinate.  However, once they sprout, it's time to remove the dome so they can breathe. 

The professional insert sheets (packs) will let you grow amazing wheatgrass and microgreens. The packs provide mini trays so you can separate your crops or make succession plantings.   Each kit has 16 packs or 2 sheets that fit perfectly inside the included 1020 trays.  The packs pull apart for easy separation, and are durable enough for reuse.  Time your wheatgrass and microgreen crops so that they bear continuously by conveniently splitting up the space in your 1020 tray. 

  • Each pack measures 5.25" square by 2.25" deep, and has drain slits at the bottom
  • Cell size is perfect for microgreens and wheatgrass
  • Made in the USA!
  • Made with recycled polystyrene.  Domes are virgin PET.