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Patriotic Pack Special 4" Square Press Fit Plastic Flower Pots (Red, White, Blue)

TO Plastics

$ 11.38 
Number of Pots in Package:  45

Special color combination for your Memorial Day and 4th of July celebrations!  15 each of Red, White, and Blue 4" pots. 

The most popular pot size we carry.  Maximize your bench space with square pots.  These pots are great for starting seeds or raising transplants.  Use them to grow healthy herbs for sale at farmers markets or transplants for your backyard garden.  Bi-level drain holes ensure adequate drainage. 


Outer Dimension 3 1/2 "
Inside Dimension 3.3125 "
Height 3 1/2 "


Max Dry Cu. Inches 31.12
Max Liquid US 1.08 pt
Max Liquid Metric 510.00 ml


Treat with care and they can be expected to last for many seasons.

Known is some places as a 3.5" Press Fit Pot.

These pots will fit into standard press fit trays for 4 inch pots.