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Plant Muffin Trays for Herbs, Flowers, Transplants, and Landscape Plants

TO Plastics

$ 1.93 
Ideally suited for growing transplants for containers, planters, and landscaping, this unique tray is perfect for landscapers, bedding plant nurseries, and homeowners who want to have a little fun.  Start landscape grasses, ornamentals, flowers, herbs, and more.  Overflow channels help distribute water evenly, and drain slits in the bottom provide excellent drainage. 



Length 11 "
Width 21 1/2 "
Height (Depth) 3 "
Hole Width 4 1/2 "

Volume (Per Hole)

Max Dry Cu. Inches 50.53
Max Liquid US 28 fl oz
Max Liquid Metric 828.05 ml