Plant Muffin Trays for Herbs, Flowers, Transplants, and Landscape Plants (Clearance)

TO Plastics

$ 99.95
Muffin Trays In Package:  50


Clearance items are not eligible for returns or exchanges.  

Ideally suited for growing transplants for containers, planters, and landscaping, this unique tray is perfect for landscapers, bedding plant nurseries, and homeowners who want to have a little fun.  Start landscape grasses, ornamentals, flowers, herbs, and more.  Overflow channels help distribute water evenly, and drain slits in the bottom provide excellent drainage. 



Length 11 "
Width 21 1/2 "
Height (Depth) 3 "
Hole Width 4 1/2 "

Volume (Per Hole)

Max Dry Cu. Inches 50.53
Max Liquid US 28 fl oz
Max Liquid Metric 828.05 ml