Second Sun Garden Supply

Plant Pie Pans for Herbs, Flowers, Cactus, and More (11 Inch)

TO Plastics

$ 1.64 

Here's a unique item for your garden!  Plant Pie Pans are an economical planter that can be used to grow herbs, flowers, cactus, microgreens, wheatgrass, and more.  These pans are just the right size and shape to take advantage of growing in areas where space is limited.  The pans have holes in the bottom, so make sure you provide a saucer or use them somewhere that drainage inside a problem (like in the greenhouse).  Change your whole gardening perspective and find new and creative places for these pans including ledges, stairs, patios, railings, window boxes, etc. 



Length 12 "
Width 12 "
Height (Depth) 3 "


Max Dry Cu. Inches 253.25
Max Liquid US 140.33 fl oz
Max Liquid Metric 4.15 L