Second Sun Garden Supply

Plug Trays - 50 Cells Square

TO Plastics

$ 1.89 

These plug trays are an excellent choice for propagating a variety of vegetable and flower plants.  Ribbed cells help prevent root circling for stronger, faster growing transplants.  

Great for starting seeds when space is at a premium.  Widely used in the greenhouse and nursery trades, these trays are also ideal for starting cuttings.

Each plug has a large drain hole in the bottom. 

Designed to be used on their own without a 1020 tray.  They will, however, fit in a shallow 1020 germination tray. 

Tray Dimensions

Height 2.37 "
Outside Width Inches 11 "
Outside Length Inches 21 1/2 "

Individual Cell Volume

Max Dry Cu. Inches 6.77
Max Liquid US 3.75 fl oz

Cell Specifications

Cell Width 1.90 "
Cell Depth 2.37 "
Cell Configuration 5 x 10