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Speckled Pea Microgreens Seed

Second Sun Hydroponics

$ 3.74 

Produces lush, green shoots with a delightful flavor.  10-18 days from seed to shoots.  Harvest at 4-6".  

Microgreens are an easy way to grow fresh greens all winter long.  Packed with flavor and nutrition.  Seeding methods vary, but we strongly recommend bottom heat for maximum germination.  Using a germination tray or one of our microgreens kits, lay down a thin layer of soil or a seeding mat.  Cover with seed.  If using soil, add a layer of perlite on top to facilitate germination.  Cover with humidity dome or tray until 1" tall, then uncover.  Help control excess humidity to avoid mold by using a fan or other device to keep air moving.